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Catholic Churches in Schneider Township

Volume 19, No. , Buffalo Tales, Buffalo County Historical Society, July - August, 1996
        Other Catholic congregations were Ravenna's Church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes, 1889; Prairie Center's St. Mary's in Thornton Township, 1890; St. Joseph's (1900-1905) and St. Wenceslaus (1912-1969) in Schneider Township; Pleasanton's St. Mary's 1906; Shelton Catholic 1908 and Amherst's St. John Capistran Mission, 1914.

“The Saxon Colony”, History of Buffalo County, Vol. I, by Samuel Bassett, Chap. XXX.
        The members of the Saxon Colony were all of the Lutheran faith, 97 per cent of the inhabitants of Saxony being of the Protestant faith; there is a Lutheran Church with a large membership in an adjoining township. At a quite early date there was erected in the immediate vicinity of Berg post office a Presbyterian Church and a Catholic Church. Schools were not established in the township ship until the '90s….

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