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Kearney Hub

January 25, 1930 A. C. Mayer [judge from Grand Island], referee in bankruptcy, was in Kearney Friday morning for a bankruptcy hearing. Was in Kearney again on Aug. 14

March 24, 1930 James DeMaranville, closed his grocery store in Ravenna and filed bankruptcy in the district court.

April 2, 1930 Joseph Cash Grocery was having an auction of stock and furniture by order of the bankruptcy court.

            [City Directory: Abram Joseph (Mary) gro 2015 central av h222 E 17th also at that address:
            Mabel, Minnie, clerks, & Wm]

October 11, 1931 South Side Motor Co declared bankrupt but only Branhurst named as owner.
            [City Directory: South Side Motor Co, 1911 Central; Wm Dersch & Arthur Branhurst owners]

November 12, 1931 (Thursday) South Side bankruptcy sale to be Friday

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