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Amusement Parks

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          1733 Amusement Park
          Kearney Amusement Park (at the cotton mill site)

Glenwood Amusement Park –

Located north of Kearney on the Wood River where the Blue mill pond provided for fishing and canoeing. It was also a popular picnic site.

Kearney Lake –


Hub March 13, 1913 – Kearney Lake amusement park rights were sold to two Fremont men, Paul Held and W. E Stubb

Hub April 18, 1914 – New Manager for Lake Resort
Amusement Park management went to Earl Bell. He proposed to install a “Parker three abreast jumping horse carry-us-all.” It was to be on the hill to the left of the pavilion. Also a contract had been let to provide for electric lighting. The dance pavilion was to be remodeled and a canopy placed over the dance floor so they could dance even if it was raining.

Mr. Bell was also connected with Krug Park in Omaha, Brighten Beach in New York and amusement parks in San Bernardino, CA and had a large traveling carnival.

Kearney Amusement Park –

Hub May 10, 1919 – Amusement Park to be Operated Here by Denison
L. A. Denison was proposing to put an amusement park at the site of the cotton mill

July 3, 1919 – Opened the night before with a dance which featured a 7-piece jazz band. A large crowd attended.

July ads alternated between advertising the amusement park and advertising for the need for carpenters and laborers at the amusement park.

July 29, 1919 – Elks lodge planned to hold a midsummer dance at the amusement park on Aug. 5 open to the public

Aug. 9, 1919 – James Boyd was one of those attending the Elks dance at the amusement park.

Aug. 2, 1919 – Planning Campaign Against Violators – Police will Organize to Beat the Automobile Speeder

Special problem west of Kearney when there was congested traffic because of events at the Amusement park. Glare of headlights led to accidents. People were not using their dimmer switches.

Sept 17, 1919 – close Friday, Sept. 19.

October 1919 – Incorporated

October 22, 1919 – Denison planned to install small fireplaces or some sort of heating so he building could be used year round. Planned to hold weekly dances. There would be ice skating when it turned cold and the pool froze.

Nov. 22, 1919 – Amusement park had kindling wood for sale

Dec. 1, 1919 – 19th Century Club favored the proposed tourist camp to be built at the Amusement park

Jan 6,1920 – V R Shelley of Omaha to aid in design and construction of improvements
Construction of the roller coaster was to begin as soon as weather permitted.

March 13, 1920 – Proposed improvements described

March 31, 1920 – Crew working on Roller coaster and land leveling for building of 40 tourist camp cabins. When amusement park opens the crew will move to work on the apartment house.

May 11, 1920 – Amusement park to open May 23. Roller coaster, concession stands and entrance will be completed. Will again be a “mecca for outers” this summer.

March 20, 1922 – Blaze at Amusement Park last night

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