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Amherst (Stanley) - Miscellaneous Facts and Stories

(See Buffalo Tales, July, 1982)
Saturday, March 17, 1928 – Amherst bank
Minor crime wave - Friday robbers had broken into Walker’s hardware in Gibbon and stolen 3 shotguns and shells. That night a Buick was stolen from in front of the World Theater in Kearney. Early Saturday morning someone entered Hill Bros. Store in Riverdale and took overalls, sweaters, other clothing, food, and $6.30.

3 p.m. boys saw a mud covered Buick parked by the school, a door open, a window broken.
3:30 p.m. fire alarm sounded, school was on fire.

      Bank employees among the few who did not answer the call.
3:50 p.m. – Robbers entered bank


Got $2,654.50.

Escaped but had been recognized as local.

3 of the 4 were arrested, tried and each sentenced to 22 years in the pen.

President of bank was Norma Ahrendt’s father.

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