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Kearney Daily Hub - May 1, 1890

Notice of adoption – Filed on Apr. 19, 1890.
    Edna Josephine Lindholm Davidson was the daughter of Charles Lindholm.
    She had been adopted by Florence A. Davidson.
    Now Florence was giving up her rights to the infant and John S. & Melvenia I Moffitt were applying to adopt her.

    Hearing to be on May 12, 1890, 10 am.

Charles Lindholm

        May 7, 1904 – Charles Lindholm elected delegate to county Republican convention

        June 4, 1906 – Charles Lindholm & wife went to Sumner to visit friends and relatives.

        Dec 4, 1908 – Charles Lindhom of Elmcreek was in town attending to business atg the county superintendent’s office.

        Dec. 10, 1908 – Charles Lindholm of Odessa was in town on business at the county treasurer’s office.

        April 3, 1930 – Charles Lindholm of Riverdale was in town on business.

        June 22, 1932 – Charles Lindholm of Lomax attended an ice cream social.

        Dec. 23, 1932 – Of Riverdale, Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary. Married in Stockholm in 1882. Seven children all living, no Edna.

        Aug 9, 1944 – Of Riverdale, age 83, died of pneumonia, buried in Kearney cemetery; wife, Hilda, died at age 87 in May, 1946

Florence Davidson

        June 24, 1893 – Dr. Florence Davidson practicing in Kearney.

        Nov. 29, 1893 – married Leonard Hoffland at her father’s home near Ravenna


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