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Kearney Boom Businesses Index


Bicycle factory (Kearney Cycle Manufacturing)


Book Printing & Binding (Hub Printing Company)


Bottling Works

Western Bottling Works

 Kearney Bottling Works

 Midway Bottling Works



Hibbard Brickyard

Billy Mannix Brickyard

S E Coleman Brickyard

Kearney (Pressed) Brick Company    

Hurley Brick Works (West Kearney Brick Yard)


Kearney Broom Factory


Kearney Pickling, Canning and Vinegar Works


Cigar Manufacturers    

Memmon & Carlton - Cannon Bros.    

Mrs. Huldah Cook

Saup & Berbig

Spaulding & Sherret

Henry Toger


Kearney Cornice Works


Kearney Cotton Mill


Nebraska Fence Company


Kearney Flour Mill and Elevator



Kearney Foundry and Machine Shops (Kuhn Bros)

Kearney Manufacturing Co. (foundry)

        Gillett & Phillips

        Gillette’s Foundry & Machine Shop


George W. Frank’s Businesses

Geo. W. Frank Improvement Co.

Kearney Canal & Water Supply Co.

Kearney Electric Co

Electric Street Railway


Grain Meter Manufacturer 

Harness Makers

D P Crable

J. M. Craig

W. A. Downing

Mrs. J. S. Empic

J. C. Smith


Hecht Beef & Pork Packing Company


Kearney Foundry & Hinge Factory/ B. F. Levering’s Hinge Factory


House Movers & Raisers

Elias Gardner

Edward. B. Pickering

William. F. Pickering

Kearney Ice Company aka Nebraska Ice Company

Kuhns in Kearney

Marble Works

City Marble Works

James Crawford Marble Works


Metcalf Cracker Factory


Kearney Oat Meal Company


Kearney Paper Mill


Planing Mills

Kearney Planing Mill

Harding’s Planing Mill


Kearney Plow Manufacturing Co


Kearney Shirt Factory


Soap Factory


Kearney Steel Bridge Company


Kearney Stone Works


Nebraska Suspender Company (Sweeley’s)

St. John Suspender & Glove Factory


Tool Factory



Kearney Gas Co.

Nebraska Telephone Co

Kearney Water Works

Sewer System


Wagon & Carriage Makers

A. H. Gordon, Wagon Maker and Blacksmith

A. J. Hindatong

McGill & Hamilton, Carriage and Wagon Manufacturing

C. F. Muchow, Carriage and Wagon Manufacturing

W. C. Nees (wagons)

G. H. Smith (wagons)

S. Wenzell & son (wagons)


West Kearney Woolen Mill Company




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