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Kearney Hub - 1890

Buffalo County Agricultural Society took bids for a new site.
        4 possibilities
             3 miles north of Kearney;
             southeast of Kearney;
             a few miles east of Kearney;
             northeast of Kearney.
       None accepted at that time; they will inspect each.

       One mile [harness racing] track and land to be purchased will depend of soil that will make a good track. Will be the only one in the state.

Kearney Hub cards in Archives

Buffalo County Fair for probably 1931

     Chas. Hill - Property man for evening shows
     H. R. Brown, Frank Parrish - Grand Stand

Fair Entertainment Chairmen:

Mr. Boyd - Old settlers meeting
W. W. Wimberly - Pulling contest and pony races
Mr. Staubitz - Wheelbarrow race between Mayors & Chief of Police of different towns
Fred Wallace - Other races

January 5, 1936
Directors were elected at a meeting held at Henry Holt's Farmers Clean Kitchen Cafe.

After the meeting those in attendance "adjourned to eat oysters cooked in style by Henry Holt."

Later Binderup, Householder, and Marzoff were declared ineligible to serve on the Buffalo County Fair Board since they were residents of Phelps County. They were replaced by W. W. Campbell, Ernest Staubitz, and A. J. Hervert.

[A lady in the audience at the Kiwanis City & Farm night program on 11-23-2004 said the Binderups and Householders lived at Newark, which would put them in Kearney county, not Phelps.]

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