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Buffalo Tales, Volume 1, No. 8, August, 1978, EARLY POST OFFICES IN BUFFALO COUNTY, by Alice Shaneyfelt Howell

 Berg was the community center of the Saxon Colony which settled in Schneider Township in 1873; Wilhelm Freyburg became postmaster there February 3, 1875. 

 Buffalo Tales, Volume 12, No.6, June, ROOTS OF BUFFALO  COUNTY - THE GERMANS AND AUSTRIANS, Part I, by Margaret Stines Nielsen

[In the Saxon colony settlement area]

 In 1874, a town to be called Berg was surveyed; Friedrich Friedrich became first postmaster. Although no town developed there were three churches in the area: Lutheran, Presbyterian and Catholic. The Zion Lutheran Church flourished for a number of years but was removed to Ravenna in 1910.

 Buffalo Tales, Volume 19, No. 3, May - June, 1996, HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF CHURCHES IN BUFFALO COUNTY, Part I, by Alice Shaneyfelt Howell

Other early Presbyterian congregations were organized at Shelton, Miller, Sweetwater, Sodtown and Berg in Schneider Township.

  Buffalo Tales, Volume 19, No. 4, July - August, 1996, HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF CHURCHES IN BUFFALO COUNTY, Part II, by Alice Shaneyfelt Howell

The number of churches and their many denominations during the years 1871 to the early 1920's confirm the importance of religion to our pioneer settlers. The first settlement was on or near the transcontinental Union Pacific completed through Buffalo County in 1866. However, a very early group was the Saxon Colony from Germany which settled in Schneider Township in October of 1873. Dr. Schneider, a native of Saxony, joined the colony and became its president. They settled "on the south bank of the Loup River opposite the mouth of Beaver Creek" and all thirteen colonists spent the winter in a 16' x 24' sod structure which they built. In the spring they found their own land, built soddies and planted crops and gardens, getting established in their new location. In 1874, a town to be called Berg was surveyed and a post office established. Although no town developed there were three churches established: Lutheran, Presbyterian and Catholic. The rural Zion Lutheran Church flourished for a time but joined Ravenna in 1910.


Schneider Township in Buffalo County was very largely settled by emigrants from Europe and even at this date the names of quite eighty per cent of those residing on the 150 farms in this township indicate that the present occupants of the farms either came from Saxony, Germany, Bohemia or other European countries or are descendants of those who in the preceding generation emigrated from one of those countries to Schneider Township there to make a home….


In 1874 a survey was made with a view of establishing a village on section 22-11-14 in Schneider Township to be named Berg, but no village ever grew there although a postoffice named Berg was established at that point in 1874 or '75 with Friedrich Friedrich as postmaster. As recalled there was a mail route from Gibbon to Berg….At a quite early date there was erected in the immediate vicinity of Berg postoffice a Presbyterian Church and a Catholic Church.


 Cemeteries in Schneider Township

Burgess - This cemetery is located on the north side of section 28 in Schneider Twp. Take Hwy. 10  5 1/2 miles south of Pleasanton or 11 miles north of Kearney to Husker Rd. Turn east and go 10 miles to Maple Rd. Go 1 mile north on Maple Rd. to 235th. Rd. and then 1/4 mile west.

Owen Burgess. Sr. purchased 160 acres in 1885 and used a small part as a family burial ground. 

Dow   - This cemetery is located in the middle of section 30 in
Schneider Twp. From Pleasanton, travel 5 1/2 miles south on Hwy. 10,
or from Kearney travel 11 miles north and turn east on Husker Rd.
Go 7 miles, then turn north and go another 1/2 mile. There is a
farm lane that goes east between an alfalfa field and a corn field.
The cemetery is 1/2 down this lane.

Established in Dec. 1889 on land donated by one of the three Mr. Dow’s living in the area, all of whom served on the original cemetery association board.

 St. Joseph's - This cemetery is located in section 21 of Schneider Township.
Take Hwy. 10, 3 1/2 miles south from Pleasanton or 13 miles north from
Kearney. Turn east on Grand Island Rd. and go approximately 10 miles.

 Established in Aug. 1899.  A Catholic church was built there also.  Wind destroyed it in June 1950.  Plans were made to rebuild but the Bishop discouraged it and most parishioners went to Ravenna

 St. Wenceslaus – This cemetery is a public cemetery and is located in north eastern Buffalo County. Travel 13 miles north of Kearney or 3 1/2 miles south of Pleasanton on Hwy. 10. Turn east on Grand Island Road and go 11 miles. The cemetery is on the south side of the road.

 Bohamian National Cemetery established in 1884 in the NW corner of Section 23.  In 1912 a Presbyterian church located a mile west was purchased and moved to the cemetery grounds and renamed St Wenceslaus Catholic Church.  It served the Czechs of the community until 1969.

Private Burial Grounds - In Schneider Twp. , in Sec. 2. One burial, a young boy with Surname WEIDNER.


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