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W. A. Downing


From the Deed Record Book, p. 543

Deeded to the Women’s Club on Dec. 12, 1930 by Marion Downing Morrison as requested in the will of Wallace A Downing

“At any time the use of said property be discontinued as a women’s club and memorial to my parents, it shall revert to me or my daughter, Georgianna Morrison Ely and Maren Downing Morrison or their children.”

House located in the Ashland Addition of Kearney Junction at 723 W 22nd St.          


Federal Census

1880 – Kearney, Buffalo County Nebraska, June 7 & 8, 1880                

Downing, Wallace A – 39, married, harness maker, born in Vermont, parents born in Vermont     

            Susannah – 28, married, keeping house, born in Wisconsin, parents born in Scotland

            Maron D. – 10, daughter, born in Wisconsin

            Georgia M. – 3, daughter, born in Nebraska

Richardson, Wm H. N. – 16, nephew, harness maker, born in Wisconsin, father born in Wisconsin, mother born

                 in Scotland [Susannah’s nephew]

Bent, Judie – 18, servant, born in Ohio, both parents born in Ohio     


1900 – 723 W 22nd St., Third Ward, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska, 12, June, 1900

Downing, W A – 59, born Apr 1841, married 30 yrs, merch. harness, born in Vermont      

            Susonah – 48, born Dec 1851, married 30 yrs, 2 children 1 living, born in Wisconsin, father born in

                 Illinois, mother born in New York


1910 – 723 W 22nd St., Third Ward, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska, April 23,1910                                                                                                              

Downing, Wallace A – 68, 1st marriage, married 43 years, own income, born in Vermont  

Susana – 61, 1st marriage, married 43 years, 2 children, 1 living, born in Wisconsin, father born in Ireland,

     mother born in Scotland


Kearney Cemetery

Downing, Wallace – 1530, 4 East, 70, died 1/1/1912, arterio-sclerosis

Downing, Susanna – 1530, 5 East, 78 yr, 9 mo, 2 da, died 9/10/1927, bronchitis

Downing, Jane M. – 1530, 8 East, 72, died 12/21/1894, paralysis

Downing, Georgia – 1530, 1 East, 6, buried 1/28/1885 [no cause of death]


Kearney Hub


Apr. 28, 1890 – “Mrs. Jane Downing will soon have a new and beautiful residence at seventy avenue between Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets.  It will cost nearly $2,000.”


Dec. 9, 1891 – Eyesight May Be Impaired

Mrs. Downing, of 5th ave between 21st & 22nd was injured when a piece of wood flew up and hit her in the eye when she was cutting kindling wood. She is mother of W A & R L Downing.


Jan. 5, 1895 – W A Downing petitioned to be administrator of his recently deceased mother’s estate.


Mar. 13, 1895 – Rev. Hayden rented the former home of Mrs. Downing on Seventh Ave between 21st & 22nd.


Jan 2, 1912 – Wallace Downing died Jan 1 if stroke after a year of failing health.  Had a stroke a year ago while in Texas for failing health.  Returned home, seemed to improve.  Went to Florida last fall, no beneficial results, had trunks packed to return to Kearney when he had the second stroke.

            Born in Vermont Apr 27, 1841.  Came to Kearney in 1872, in harness and saddle business.  Retired about a year ago when his health began to fail.

            President of Kearney National Bank for several years; one of 7 directors who built the Opera House.  Served several terms on the Kearney City Council.  Represented Kearney on the County Board of Supervisors.

            Had two brothers left at the  time of his death

                        George – owner of Kearney Floral & the Kearney Steam Laundry

                        Rollin – living in Los Angeles, on world tour last heard from in India


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