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Susan B. Anthony - Miscellaneous Facts and Stories

From the Diary of Susan B. Anthony

(Photocopies from the diary which is in the Library of Congress were emailed to radio station KGFW in Kearney, NE.  A copy of those email pages were provided to me on April 31, 2002)

Thursday, October 25, 1877
At Sidney – all day – took
train for Kearney at 8P M –
got letter from Mrs. Williams
saying – Mrs. Kelsey might retain
50 per cent of her A. A. Subscrition
money having written same to Miss
Hindman . I do wish Miss H
had more financial ingenuity[?] –
Wrote letter So_ja Boydston[?] ____________
& Mrs. Williams about a_________ Mrs.
W. – It does seem as if those
who are stationary might under
take to plan canvasses for
agents so willing and able
and available. [?]
Mrs. Maria Ewing – Sidney Nebr –
_______ __________ Petz Neb
Mrs. __ N. Williams – Sidney Nebr
Mrs. G. A. Brown “
Mrs. H. V. Redwiztor[?] “

Friday, October 26, 1877
Kearney Neb – B. H. Eaton $20 -
Reached K. at 6.40 A. M.
stopped Grand Central hotel-
too filthy & too mean cooking – for any
_________ Sent 176 to Ballot Box –
Went to search for the Old
Fort – found it to six miles down
stream Platte River – O my the trees
planted by the soldiers left to much[?]
the fort[?] – I didn’t go to it –
12 years ago last August – brother
Merrit, in charge of ______ 7th Cavalry
came out to Fort Kearney – with wife
May, Lucy & baby boy Jamie – 16 month
- What wonder the boy is a loner - he
was conceived in roaming & fed in it
No letter from sister May – I fear


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