Otto Albert Raddatz Individual Detail

Father: Johann Friedrich Raddatz
Mother: Augusta Friederike Matilde Henning

Birth: March 07, 1879 in Belgrade, Germany; named Otto Friedrich Wilhelm on birth certificate

Immigration: April 25, 1880 in Baltimore, Maryland; on ship Strassburg

Census: June 04, 1880 in Butler County, Nebraska; Living with family at Fred Nanjohr residence

Education: About 1892 ; Completed 8th grade education

Census: June 13, 1900 in P Precinct, Seward Co.,Nebraska; Boarding at & working for Albert Zwick

Marriage: November 09, 1904 to Emma Ethel Ratsch in Lincoln, Nebraska

Child: June 12, 1906 - Bertha Amelia (Emilie) Katherine Raddatz at Pleasant Dale, Seward County, Nebraska
Child: December 5, 1908 - Paul L Raddatz at Pleasant Dale, Nebraska
Child: December 29, 1909 - Ervin Albert Henry Raddatz at Pleasant Dale, Nebraska

Census: May 07, 1910 in P Precinct, Seward County, Nebraska; Farming

Child: October 4, 1912 - Eva Ethel Helen Raddatz at Lodgepole, Nebraska
Child: June 8, 1915 - Tafiel Otto Raddatz at Lodgepole, Nebraska

Naturalization: February 09, 1918 in Sidney, Nebraska; (Declaration of Intention)

Draft Registration: September 12, 1918 in Living at Lorenzo, Cheyenne County, Nebraska
Physical Description: September 12, 1918 ; Med. build & height, gray eyes, brown hair, dark complexion

Child: December 1, 1918 - William Herman Raddatz at Lorenzo, west of Sidney, Nebraska

Census: March 21, 1920 in Chambers Precinct, Cheyenne County, Nebraska

Child:  July 3, 1929 - Violet Jeannette Raddatz at Lorenzo, Nebraska

Census: April 24, 1930 in Lorenzo Precinct, Cheyenne County, Nebraska; Farming

Residence: September 21, 1930 in Lorenzo, Nebraska when father died

Census: 1935 in Lorenzo Precinct, Cheyenne County, Nebraska

Residence: February 11, 1938 in Sidney, Nebraska

Census: April 19, 1940 in Lorenzo, Cheyenne County, Nebraska; Farmer

Death: November 12, 1957

Burial: About November 14, 1957 in Sidney, Nebraska; Buried in Greenwood Cemetery


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