Jepson Pictures


        Here is a batch of pictures which Nancy Hanson sent.  These are wonderful!  I had no idea pictures of some of these ancestors existed.  Here they are along with what was written on the back of each [and a couple of my comments in brackets.  Some of these pictures were Emma's (Nancy's grandmother).  Some were Emma's daughter, Maude's (Nancy's aunt).

Alnathan L. Jepson




Uncle Andrew Jepson

Died Nov. 15, 1922

Reeder, N. Dakota

[possibly Dec. 21, 1908]

Left - Andrew Jepson  

Right - John Jepson

- bros. of Emma

Left Nebraska to go into ranching in ND.  John & his family left ND to make their home in OR

Andrew died in ND

[probably Dec. 21, 1908]

Brother Andrew Jepson


[probably Dec. 21, 1908]

[Lady is unidentified but is probably Ella, his wife.  They were married in 1906]]


Emma Louise Jepson


Charles F. Anderson

Married Sept. 11, 1895

Brother Frank Jepson


[possibly Dec. 21, 1908]

December 21, 1908

John Jepson

- brother of Emma L. Jepson

Louise Margaret Nyman Jepson

- wife of J. Peter Jepson

- mother of Emma L. Jepson Anderson


It is my theory that this picture was taken about 1869-1870 shortly before her marriage to Peter on March 7, 1870.

Lovisa Nyman

- mother of Louise Nyman Jepson - grandmother of Emma L. Jepson Anderson


It is my theory that this is actually a picture of Louisa Nyman Jepson taken about 1879-80 shortly before her death from cancer.  This would be about 10 years and 5 children after the other picture of her.

Margareta Rosendahl Jepson

- mother of J. Peter Jepson


- grandmother of Emma L. Jepson Anderson

Lived in Hlsingborg


Per Nyman

- father of Louise Nyman Jepson


- grandfather of Emma L Jepson Anderson

[No other evidence of Louise's father.  Is this possibly her grandfather?]

Jons Peter Jepson

- father of Emma L. Jepson Anderson

Brothers Andrew & Albert Jepson

Emma - John - Maggie Jepson