(Hand written in Edith Wilson's scrapbook)
This is a copy sent to Gladys Sampson

Family History


by Emma L. Anderson

written 1953

When I was in Sweden in 1947 my cousin Carl Jepson had traced back to the 8th Generation on our Fatherís side, and found that name was Jeppa JŲnsson. From there on the name was Jepson. This old gentleman lived in Gothenberg Sweden but evidently his sons south to Helsingborg, and their Families lived there ever after. The whole Family as far as we know were seamen, my Father was the last one. He ended up Farming. One of my Fatherís Brotherís, Carl the eldest, left Sweden at the age of 22. He went to Nelbourne, Australia to dig gold. He never married never came back, died at age 62. Once a cousin of Fatherís whose name was Lindgren went to Nelbourne to visit my uncle Carl. One of my Fatherís Brotherís whose name was Edward went to the West Coast, Ore. or Washington I donít remember which, because I was only a little girl. He was killed in a sawmill. He was not married as far as we know. My Fathers youngest Brother, Frank was in Oregon. Worked as cook in a sawmill, where my Father was working as he quit being a Sailor. I donít know how many years they worked there perhaps 5 years and then they went back to Sweden and got married. Uncle Frankís first wife died, and left him with 2 little girls and one boy. The oldest girl Signe died some years ago, in Sweden left two boys, the 2nd Anna is still living but never married. I visited her in Sweden in 1947. The brotherís name is Frank. He is married and lives in Attleborrow Mass. They were in Sweden on a visit in 1947 so I met them there. They have quite a family. Then in Uncle Frankís 2nd marriage, there were 3 two boys & 1 girl. The girl Esther died unmarried. John the oldest was about 3 yrs. Old when I left Sweden in 1891. He is now a language teacher in College in Stockholm, is married & has two boys. The younger brother Carl is working for the Swedish Ball Bearing Co in Gothenburg. He is married, has a beautiful home outside of Gothenberg. He has no children, both he & his wife speak good English. My Fatherís Father was Andrew Jepson born in Halsingborg Sweden 1874. My Fatherís motherís maiden name was Margareta Rosendahl born in Halsingborg 1809 died 1886. My Grandpa ran a Ferry between Sweden & Denmark all his life. He often took royalty from Halsingborg to Helsingor, Denmark. My Fatherís oldest Sister Beata never married. The second sister Christine had two girls, Anna & Betty, one boy John. The third Sister Carolina had seven boys, two were drowned when skating when rather small. One died when a Baby. The fourth one died at the age of 17 when going to High School. My auntís husband died the following year. The year after that my mother died, and I came to her and lived with her until 1891. So I was brought up with three boys, Nels 15 Andrew 10 Frank 5 when I came there. All three were in the U. SS. But went back to Sweden & stayed. Had it much better at home in Sweden. I went through 6th Grade in school and I was also confirmed in Sweden before I came here in 1891. When I was back in Sweden in 1947 Cousin Frank was living but he died later.

This is about my Brother Johnís family. He married Anna Gleddie from Minnesota. She is Norwegian. Their son Alnathan died when 15 years old. Francis their oldest son lives in Tacoma Wash. Pierce lives in Oregon as does Johnny, who never married. He is a Forester.
Here is a little more history from Grandpa Peter Jepsonís days and how they traveled. He told me a great deal those few monthís I took care of him (3 mo.) of all the years he had been a Sailor, and the many countries he had seen. As a rule they were gone many monthís in a round trip and did not get their pay until they had finished their trip. But the last time he went out as a Sailor he didnít go back. He left the Ship in San Francisco, stood there penniless but he soon got work for a Butcher, who supplied the hotels with all kinds of meat. He did delivery for a long time but the butcher wouldnít pay him his salary. All he got was his board, and a shirt and overalls. Of course he learned the butcher trade came in handy in later years, when he lived on a Farm. So he left San Francisco for Oregon. This was during the time of the Civil War when they wore paper Shirts. but he learned a lot, even spoke German & Dutch He always said every body should speak at least two languages

When my mother & Father were married in Sweden they left for Oregon by sailboat. It took 6 mo. took make the trip. They had to go around Cape Horn and the Equator. After living in Oregon long enough to have 4 children, my motherís mother in Sweden was sick, so they left Coos Bay Oregon and were in Sweden by midsummer 1876 and I was born in Sept some times, and I love it. Another thing I remember, Gust Soderberg living in Mead told me after Father died. He said he read in a paper that a ship built in Coos Bay Ore. name Peter Jepson Your motherís father JÚns Peter Jepson born in Halsingborg Sweden March 23-1841 Your motherís mother Charlotte Johanna Johanson born in Starby Sweden June 8 1851. Gustav Albert born June 9-1883 Alice Cornelia born June 11-1884 Edith Charlotte born Oct. 16-1891 Mead.

Margaret Beata born Coos Bay Oregon Jan. 18-1871 Andrew Leonard Coos Bay Jan 28-1872 John Ludvig born Dec 6-1873 Frank Edward born June 28-1875. Edith, youngest of Family, only survivor after Emma died Nov. 13-1965.