Frank Jeppsson

Frank Jeppsson was possibly the youngest son of Andreas Jeppesson and Margareta Rosendahl.  He was born in Sweden in 1847.  In 1870, now 23 years old, he accompanied his two older brothers, Peter and Edvard. to Oregon.  He and Edvard took up residence next door to Peter and his new wife, Lovisa, in Empire City on the Coos Bay in Coos County Oregon. 

He went to work as a ship carpenter and then as a cook in the sawmill.  But Frank did not remain in Oregon.  He eventually returned to Sweden where he married twice. In his first marriage there were two daughters, Signe and Anna, and a son, Frank (Jr.). One daughter, Signe died young leaving two sons. The other, Anna, who never married, was still living in 1953. The son, Frank (Jr.), immigrated to the United States to Attleboro, Mass.

After the death of his first wife, Frank married again and in this marriage there were two sons and one daughter. The daughter, Esther, died young. The eldest son, John, married and had two sons. He taught languages at a college in Stockholm. The other son, Carl, married but he had no children. He worked for the Swedish Ball Bearing Company and had a lovely home outside of Gothenburg. 


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