Carolina Jeppson

Carolina was the daughter of Andreas Jeppson and Margareta Rosendahl. She was born in Helsingborg, Sweden, on August 11, 1834. Sometime in the late 1850’s she married Carl Nilsson. They had seven sons. The birth years of four of the sons are known. One son was born in 1861. Nils Nilsson, was born in 1866. Andrew Nilsson was born in 1871 and Frank Nilsson was born in 1876.

One son died while still a baby . Two drown while skating when they were small. A fourth son, the one born in 1861, died when he was 17 in 1878. Then Carolina’s husband, Carl, died the following year leaving her with three young sons.

In late February 1880 the wife of Carolina’s brother, Peter Jepson, died. He brought his youngest daughter, Emma, to stay with Carolina. Peter then took his four older children with him back to the United States in 1881. Carolina’s boys were 15, 10, and 5 when Emma came to stay. Emma was barely 4.

Emma left Sweden to join her father and his family in 1891. Carolina’s three living sons, Nils, Andrew and Frank also came to the United States.  Did they travel with Emma or did they come at a different time?  Emma did not say any of them came over with her when she was writing her family history.  She does say, however, they did not remain in this country but all went back to Sweden where they spent the rest of their lives. The youngest, Frank, was still living when Emma returned for a visit in 1947.


Jepson, Emma - notes, 1953, held by granddaughter Alice Anderson Hanson

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