Andreas Jeppsson 

Andreas Jeppsson was the son of Jeppa Jonsson. They lived in the Swedish seaport city of Helsingborg. Andreas was born June 30, 1794. He grew up to be a seaman. He married Margareta Rosendahl, also of Helsingborg.

Margareta's great grandfather, Eskel Rosendahl had lived in Helsingborg. On Dec. 30, 1750 he became the father of a son, Mans. Mans married Margaret and they had a son, whom they named Eskel, born Oct. 4, 1775. Eskel, the younger, had a daughter, Margareta, born on April 23, 1809 in Helsingborg. 

Andreas and Margareta probably married sometime around 1830. They had seven children. We do not have birth dates for Carl, Beata and Christine but Caroline was born August 11, 1834. Then there were three sons - Jns Peter, born March 23, 1841; Edvard, born in 1844, and Frank, born in 1847.

Margareta died in Helsingborg in 1886. We do not have a death date for Andreas.  

Peter Jepson's mother

Margareta Rosendahl




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