Gustav Albert Jepson

          Gustav Albert Jepson was called by his middle name, Albert. He was born on June 9, 1883 on the Jepson farm at Mead to Peter Jepson and his second wife, Charlotta Johannesdotter. Albert was Peterís fourth and Charlottaís only son.


Albert is second from the left in this picture.

His younger sister, Edith, is standing in front of him

and his older sister, Alice is beside him.

Albertís parents, Peter and Charlotta Jepson, are on the far right.

The young man to the far left is probably Albertís half-brother, Frans (Frank).

Albert grew up on that farm at Mead. He attended a country school nearby and then went to high school in town. He helped his father with the farming until 1908 when his parents retired and moved into Mead. Then, at age 25, Albert went to North Dakota to join his older half-brothers, Andrew and John.

John was operating a livery stable in Beach and by 1910 Albert was working for him. John purchased the stable a year later, and Albert continued to work for him. In 1916 John and his family moved to the west coast leaving Albert with the livery barn. But with more and more automobiles on the road, the livery business was becoming obsolete and Albert soon left that occupation.   

We can guess he went back to farming and saved his wages. In 1925 Albert was working as a farm hand and living with the J. C. Butterfield family out in Saddle Butte Township. In March that year he purchased a farm about a mile north of Beach, the 160 acre northeast quarter of section 24, township 140, range 106.

This is the land that Albert owned north of Beach.

The town is located to the right side of this picture.

Interstate 94 runs through it now.


          After farming for about twenty years Albert, now about to turn 62, decided it was time to retire. On March 15, 1945 he purchased several lots in Block 32 in Beach. There was a house on this property. He probably sold his farm at this time and moved into Beach. For the next several years he became a familiar figure around town. He worked around on several farms in the area.




This is the property that Albert owned in Beach. This picture on the left was taken from the street. Albertís house is no longer
there, just a grassy lot.
  This picture was taken from the back side of the lot.


          In 1954 Albert had a stroke. Arthritis had also taken its toll. He was hospitalized in Beach and remained there in the long term care facility. In January 1955 his Beach property was sold to provide for his care. Albert remained in Beach until 1962 when the hospital closed. He was then moved, first to St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson, the next town east of Beach, and then to St. Luke's Home, also in Dickinson. He died six months later on April 12, 1963 of pneumonia.  

          Albert was brought back to Mead and buried on April 15, 1963 in Alma Lutheran Cemetery near Mead, Nebraska.



The Golden Valley News, Thursday, April 18, 1963

Albert Jepson

Pioneer Resident
Succumbs Friday

          One of Golden Valley County's long-time residents, Albert Jepson, passed away at St. Luke's Home in Dickinson last Friday morning at 8 a.m., of the effects of crippling arthritis which finally paralyzed his hands and feet, and a respiratory infection.
          Mr. Jepson had been bedridden for the past nine years, and was hospitalized in Beach most of that time, until just a few months ago, when he was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson, and a few weeks later transferred to St. Luke's Home.
          He used to own a farm just a short distance north of Beach, and operated it a great many years. Later he lived in his own small house in Beach, and worked at local farms, and was employed at the Henry Strum farm several years. Mr. Strum visited Albert often after he became ill. Mr. and Mrs. Strum and daughter Lyla had gone to Dickinson to visit him last Friday, only to learn that Albert had died that morning, and his remains were about to be shipped to his old home, Wahoo, Neb., where funeral services were scheduled.

The Golden Valley News, Thursday, May 2, 1963

Jepson Rites Held At Wahoo, Neb.

          Graveside services were held on Monday, April 15, 1963, for Albert Jepson, at the Alma Lutheran Cemetery in Wahoo, Neb., with Rev. Noel Vetter officiating. The Erickson Funeral Home in Wahoo was in charge of arrangements.
          Mr. Jepson lived in Golden Valley County for a great many years. He became ill nine years ago, when he had a stroke, and was hospitalized in Beach until just a few months before his death. He succumbed at St. Luke's Home in Dickinson on Friday morning, April 12.
          Survivors are his two sisters, Mrs. Emma Anderson of Rockford, Ill., and Mrs. Edith Wilson of Fremont, Neb., one nephew, Pierre Johnson of Mead, Neb., besides a number of other nieces and nephews and other relatives.
          Gustav Albert Jepson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jepson, was born in Mead, Neb., on June 9, 1883. He was baptized and confirmed in the Alma Lutheran Church in Mead, Neb., and remained devoted to his religion all his life, his well-worn Bible testifying to this.
          When his parents retired in 1908, Albert joined his brothers Andrew and John, at Reeder, N. D. Later Albert moved to Beach, N. D. and owned a farm a short distance north of Beach, and later was employed at local farms. He worked at the Henry Strum farm many years. He leaves many loyal, devoted friends in this community where he was a respected citizen for so long.



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