Frank (Sven) Anderson

Sven was Jöns and Olu Andersson's second child.  He was born in Sweden while they were living at Osterslof #12 in Osterslof Parish Kristianstad County, Skäne Providence.  Soon after his birth they moved to #41 Osterslof where they lived about the next five years.  On April 24, 1871 Sven with his brother and sister left Sweden to join his father who was already in the United States. 


Sven was 5 1/2 when they arrived in Galva, Illinois.  In this new country he took the American name Frank.   The family soon left Illinois to a farm near Maringo, Iowa.  Here Frank followed in his father’s footsteps to become a farmer.


Frank continued to live at home working as a farm hand. He had not married yet when he became ill with pneumonia in November 1891 and died the following month at age 26. He is buried in the family plot at Marengo, Iowa, but his grave is not marked.

This map of Iowa shows the counties.  Marengo is the one outlined in black.