The Ancestors in Sweden

Anders Ohlusson and Kjerstena Pehrsdotter

Anders Ohlusson was born July 17, 1813 on Karlstad #5 farmstead, in the Osterslov Parish, Kristainstad, Skane, Sweden. When he reached his teens and was strong enough to do a man’s work he went to Karstad #9 ¼ farmstead,   probably to work as a farmhand. Here he met Kjerstena Pehrsdotter who was living on the main farmstead, Karstad #9.


Kjerstena had been born at #14 Fjelkestad, the daughter of Pehr Hansson. It would appear that she came, as Anders did, to work at Karstad #9. And it would appear that romance bloomed because on October 5, 1838 they had a son, Jöns.  Two years later, on November 28th, another son, Anders, was born.


In April 1842 marriage bans were read in the parish church and on June 23, 1842 Anders and Kjerstena were married. Then they moved to the Damhuset farmstead where a daugher, Ohlu, was born on December 23rd. A third son, Inger, was born July 29, 1844; a second daughter, Ola, was born November 18, 1847; and the fourth son, Sven, was born July 20, 1850.



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